The Sustainability Rating ESG - SRG 88088:20

ESG Rating is the result of an assessment performed on the Business system based on the activities and measures that the Organizations adopt from an environmental, social and governance point of view. Mainly used for financial activities, the ESG Rating is currently applied to all kind of business activities (companies, partnerships, schools, banks, public entities), with the main target of the environment protection.

In order to pursue the Sustainability, an Organization must take into account the following areas:

Environmental: the Environmental Sustainability includes all the measures needed to reduce or to eliminate the risks linked to the climate changes, reducing CO2 emissions, waste of natural resources, land consumption and deforestation processes; the aim is to improve the energy efficiency and to promote the use of natural resources, protecting the existing resources and their quality levels.

Social: Social Sustainability includes highly qualitative policies for the working environment which can be applied to all relational layers inside and outside the company. Social Sustainability takes into account health condition and work  safety, Human Rights respect, social responsibility and a fair treatment regardless of gender, age and skills.

Governance: Governance and Business management Sustainability refers to the Organizations’ ethic and transparency, plans and objectives to improve the sustainability, compliance with a resources, finance and economic policy, and a process  that aims to reduce differences, enhancing culture and education and respecting the rights of man and the environment.

What a sustainable Organization should do

  • Build trust with and for all the stakeholderson a consistent basis
  • Measure business decisions by analysing all the impacts (economical and non-economical) that they determine
  • Communicate all the sustainability impacts about the different decisions for each ESG

Benefits related to a Social Responsibility strategic approach

  • Risk management optimization
  • Opportunities development
  • Cost reduction
  • Expedite the access to the capital
  • Improve customer relationship
  • Optimize human resources management
  • Increase the ability to innovate

Benefits of pursuing a high Rating of Sustainability ESG - SRG 88088:20

  • Measurement of sustainability performance
  • Improved ranking and business
  • Growth of corporate image and reputation
  • Continuity through monitoring the efficiency and productivity parameters
  • Increase in investment opportunities
  • Financial costs reduction

Certification Process

You will receive a certification plan


An on-site audit team will be appointed

Attribution of the Sustainability Rating by the Certification Committee

Issue of the Certificate with Sustainability Rating ESG – SRG 88088: 20